If you want landscaping that is unique and attractive, adding different types of decorative garden features goes a long way in enhancing the look of the outdoor spaces on your property. In this respect, adding water features is a great way of creating a very impactful landscape. There are a number of different water features you can choose from and the ones you opt for will be based on the design of the rest of the landscape, the material you want to use, the actual space that is available for the installation and your budget.

Regardless of what kind of water feature you want, Landscape Elements ND, LLC will be able to install it for you in the most expert manner. We can provide you with standard or customized water features and these can become the focal point in your landscape. We install these features at perfect spots on your property for the special effect you want and need.

The Prefect Effect

Not only do water features look aesthetically appealing, but they also create a very relaxed atmosphere around your home. A cascading waterfall can have a very calming effect and if your home in a high traffic zone, it can also dull the sound of the traffic. This makes water features very functional too. These are the different types of features you can opt for:

Pondless Waterfall- These are re-circulating waterfalls & streams and they don't have any ponds at their base. You can simply enjoy the sound & sight of the trickling water and do not have to worry about maintaining a pond at all. This is a perfect option for homeowners who are looking for a low-maintenance water feature. It is also perfect for homes that have kids and pets. If there is a space scrunch, a pondless waterfall is the perfect option

Fountains- These can be as large or small as you like. If you want to create a theme garden, we can install a large waterfall at its center and then design the rest of the landscape around it. If you so like, we can also position smaller fountains in other parts of the landscaping to lend the area balance.

Bubbling Boulders- These are very interesting water features and are a perfect mix of water and stone elements, If you do not have too much space to place a waterfall or a fountain on your deck or patio, you can opt for a bubbling boulder. These are natural stone boulders that have been bored out and have water pipes running through their core. These could be granite, mica, sandstone or pink quartz boulders. They are the perfect solution for smaller homes too

Ponds- These are also a great option for a landscape but tend to be a high maintenance feature, especially if there are fish and aquatic plants in them.

If you have any requirements for water features in and around your home, contact Landscape Elements ND, LLC at 701-609-5660 or via our online form.

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